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Adopt A Platoon – Support Our US Soldiers Abroad

I adopted my second soldier recently through Adopt A Platoon. It is a great non-profit organization that connects soldiers with pen pals in the US. Both of my soldiers are in Iraq. One is coming home soon and the other is there until this Fall. Although I don’t necessarily agree with the war, I wanted to do something positive and show support to those who are sacrificing their lives for our freedom.

Please visit Adopt A Platoon or spread the word to someone who is interested in helping and make a soldier’s day a little bit better.

Supporting a soldier is a gift we give ourselves as they serve on our behalf! We support them asking nothing in return except for the honor of letting them know they are appreciated and never forgotten!

English – Not the Official Language of the US

I never knew that English wasn’t the official language of the United States of America. I just assumed it but was shocked to find out last year that it is not. I don’t know why it has never been made official but it should be. I visit other countries and I try to speak their language, follow their customs, be polite. When in Rome, they say.

We are in danger of having too many languages prevalent in our society. It is okay to speak your native tongue if chosen, but if you cannot read a traffic sign or pass a written driving test, then I have issues. How do you get around the city? Buy groceries? Communicate with people in general?

Before more languages start appearing on signs throughout our land and to select English press 1 becomes 2 or 3, let’s establish our official language based on the history of our great land. English is the international language. Why not here?

Here is a link to a non-profit dedicated to making English the official language of the US. And by the way, it was started by an immigrant who went through proper channels to become a US citizen.

Jake Ryan – Maybe I’m Interested In More Than a Party?

I am 34 years old. I am watching 16 Candles and I feel like I’m 16 all over again. Is it me or are our high school days never really behind us? And what with the gossip?

In last night’s Desperate Houswives episode, Lynette faces gossipy parents creating scapegoat problem children and Bree realizes the shallowness of her usually guilty pleasure – her country club. And yes, I know it is a soap. A glorious scandal-worshiping soap. But, in reflection to our real life, is it that far from reality?

We live in a gossip centric society. We just cannot rest until we know exactly what happened between Brad and Jen. And what exactly did Charlie do to warrant a quick divorce filing from his much pregnant wife?

I am guilty of gossip obsession myself. Since my coworker started bringing in In Touch Weekly and Us Weekly, I have become addicted to gossip mags. True to my Entertainment Weekly, I took pride in the fact that my interests were purely entertainment – in TV, movies, books, all traditional mediums. But since reading those purely gossipy mags, I am finding myself more interested in that crap. Celebrity watch 2005! Who is in? Who is out? Who is broken up? Who is together? Who cares?

So, back to Jake. Jake Ryan was and is the quintessential hottie. I watch this former GQ model and think, Jake Ryan was the ideal for girls. A senior. A prep. A Porsche driver. With a heart. I hear the Thompson Twins song start and I have visions of birthday cake, candles and a kiss with a possible bridesmaid dress lighting on fire. He is the reason my best friends kids are named Jake and Ryan. Will my generation ever outgrow this crush? I remember an essay that my girlfriend sent me about Jake. It was right on. It was in the Washington Post: Real Men Can’t Hold a Match to Jake Ryan.

Maybe we are all interested in more than a party.

Maybe everyone on this planet has gone totally outer limits, to quote Samantha Baker. Oh well. That’s just my thought for tonight and I’m sticking to it. Oh yea, and 24 rocked. Keifer, you rule.