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Water safety for jet skis – Lake Lanier, GA

Today while taking our friends and their kids out on our pontoon boat, we were approached by a teenage boy on a jet ski yelling for help. We followed him to another jet ski where two kids fell off and the second jet ski had hit the girl while in the water. We transported the injured girl and the kids to the public boat dock where an ambulance and fire truck met us after a 911 call. The girl, 15, has 6 broken ribs, a punctured lung and a lacerated liver. She was lucky.

Please remember to exercise caution and stay at least 50 feet away from other watercraft. The person that hit her was her brother, and he was devastated. She will be in the hospital for a week and should fully recover.

Please be careful out there.

Personal Watercraft Boating Rules Lake Lanier, GA

Harry Potter and Reading like PB&J

It’s amazing what Harry Potter has contributed to our recent reading phenomenom. It’s proof that a good story can compel anyone to read, even those who have not historically read before – adults and kids alike. This story and the DaVinci Code propelled my husband from non-reader to sometime reader, and I’m thrilled.

Good job Scholastic, JK Rowling and all those excellent authors out there and future ones with a story in their heads. Dream big and keep writing!

Harry Potter
The official site of Harry Potter! Movie trailers, film clips, behind the scenes at Hogwarts. JK Rowlings’ wizards and witches.

JKRowling Official Site – Harry Potter and more
Official site about the author and the Harry Potter books. Includes book rumours, biography, movie information, FAQs, news, and links.

Scholastic.comHarry Potter
Go inside the best-selling series to learn more about Harry Potter and his world through wizarding games, a discussion chamber where you can share ideas. The ULTIMATE Harry Potter Site
Features interactive forums, Potter profiles, and information about the books and the

The Official Web Site of Bestselling Author Dan Brown
The Official Web Site of Bestselling Author Dan Brown, author of the novels Digital Fortress, Angels and Demons and Deception Point. Dan Brown is published.

Tom Cruise is Nuts

I just heard about this web site and it’s classic.

Where are the Saturday morning cartoons?

How do? Bugs Bunny, Speed Racer, the Wonder Twins, the Banana Splits, Captain Caveman, the Laugh Olympics, Schoolhouse Rock. Where are they now? All I see on Saturday mornings now are mediocre cartoons filling in the slots that once had creativity, music and comedy rolled in to one wonderful short.

I bought the Looney Tunes DVD set and it’s great. I have yet to find the Laugh Olympics and I think there is a Mickey Mouse one out now, but it’s sad that our children can’t share in the great memories of our childhoods if they had to depend on what is aired on TV today.

Bring them back! You won’t be sorry!

Looney Tunes

Ed’s 10 Best Saturday Morning Cartoons List–Cartoons–ED.htm

Saturday Morning: Cartoons’ Greatest Hits

TV Party

Saturday morning cartoons trivia – but this in your back pocket!

Remember When?

Feeling Retro

Class of 1989

I just had my high school girlfriends and their families visit for an overdue reunion. I have come to the realization that good girlfriends are hard to find the older you get.That is why I am so thankful to have the friends that I have found in high schoool and college. We can always pick up where we left off, even if we haven’t talked in months. That is the sign of a true friend. We rocked out to old Prince, Echo and the Bunnymen, Meatloaf, Grease, you name it. And who else can you act like an entire idiot with (drunk or sober) and they still love you for it? 🙂 That said, here are some great web sites about friendships formed in school and college. Rock on, my sisters. You rule. We have come so far from the BK Lounge, yet so much remains the same.

Riverside High School


Save Ferris – The 80s Server

The John Hughes Files

We are the children of the 80s

80s tees

In the 80s – 80s trivia questions

80s music lyrics

Don’t Wake a Sleeping Baby

My daughter was up at 5:00 am today ready for the world. She had her balloon and was gold. After a few hours of mischief and cereal, she went back to sleep at 7:30 am. I took a nice hot shower and rejoiced. Now we have to go to work and daycare and I don’t want to wake her! Yikes. I wish I could be a stay at home mom. This work stuff keeps getting in the way of my life. There has got to be a better way!

So as I ponder waking her and thinking of a million dollar idea, here is my favorite baby resource web site:

Do all moms feel as guilty as I do?

I Miss My Summer Vacation. Can I be 10 again?

For all of those people out there who are realizing that we had it best when we were kids and it was summer, YOU CHUG.

Now I am a working professional and it is summertime and I am blasting corporate america and the fact that I haven’t won the lottery yet so I can celebrate summer.

Oh well. I guess we are all in the same boat. Here’s to some great summer songs and web sites!

Summertime – Will Smith
Boys of Summer – Don Henley
Ice Cream Castles – Morris Day & The Time
Mad About You – Belinda Carlisle
California Girls – Beach Boys
Sweet Child of Mine – Guns & Roses
Anything Steve Miller Band
Anything surf rock like Mermen, Los Straitjackets:

And Aperitif for Destruction by Richard Cheese. That rocks. How about Paul Anka’s new
Rock Swings? Amazon has it all:

Check out the great documentary on surfing and how it permeated into the US culture. Riding Giants is an excellent Netflix rental. I have seen it twice.

Another cheesy yet great surf movie is Point Break. How about Blue Crush?;s=all

Any way you cut it, summer rocks. Try and cut out of work and get your surf on.

Yard Sale Sign to End All Yard Sales

I am a law abiding citizen and I live in a lake community. It may be an oxymoron, but we have a variety of people in the neighborhood.

Here is the latest news from our subdivision in Forsyth County, GA.

I am not one to point out other people’s dirty laundry, but when they air it for everyone to see, I had to take a picture and send it to my friends and family. Regardless of how our neighborhood looks after it, a picture is worth a thousand words. And my husband keeps asking me what “fodder” is – this is truly fodder. Enjoy!

A Saturday in Forsyth County, GA
Sign #1 – Cheating Man’s Stuff 4 Sale
Sign #2 (after cheating man rips Sign #1 down according to an eyewitness) Scorned Woman Selling Cheating Man’s Stuff