Tommy Lee has a new single…and I like it. Yikes!

Yes, I liked the Crue in the 80s in high school. Anyone with any knowledge of piano keys had to know how to play home sweet home to get any cred in my age group. I was driving home from work today and I heard a neat summer – sounding new single on a top-40 Atlanta radio station. I even listed to find out who it was, so I know I liked it in retrospect.

Well crap. I heard the artist and almost drove off the road. Good Times by Tommy Lee. What???? Who?????It’s Tommy frickin’ Lee’s new single on his album! I didn’t even know he sang. It is really pretty catchy. I don’t know why I’m more upset. That I feel duked that Tommy made a song that I like because I think he’s not a singer, just a drummer plus the fact of his tabloid past, Pam, tattoos, the video, etc. I could go on. But then I have to remind myself that Dave Grohl was iin the background in Nirvana and he emerged in the music scene as a lead singer and is really talented.

Although I don’t think Tommy is as talented as cool Dave, he just earned some respect on my part! Maybe I’m partly shocked but happily surprised. Mr. Tattoo drummer upside-down has some talent! Rock on. Crue out. you surprise me, mr. lee! No Wedding Bells for pam and tommy

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