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Auburn vs. LSU college football

This is such a great rivalry. It is one of my favorite games in the Auburn season. I have been to the LSU game in Baton Rouge and to it in Auburn. What a great mix of people who love football. Even when we lost in Baton Rouge and were walking back to our car in our Auburn gear, a bunch of LSU tailgaters invited us to their tailgate for jambalaya. That is awesome. I am so happy for them as things seem to be getting back to normal after the horror of the hurricanes. It is a sold out game tonight and there is no better time in life to celebrate than now! Football, folks and fun. Go Tigers!!!

And go Chicago White Sox!!! It is a good day for sports. Beauty, eh?

Talkin bout my Jeneration

My moment of Jen. I was born in 1971 and was named the most popular name for that year in the U.S. Jennifer. There were about 10 other Jennifers born the same time I was in Hinsdale, Illinois. My parents even clipped a newspaper article about it and put it in my baby book. So for my entire life, I have had a name that a good portion of other women have had growing up. There were always three of us in my classes in school. Our classmates would come up with nicknames and even teachers would to that fact, to keep us separatley identified. I spell my name Jenni and it has always been that way, even before I could talk. My parents always called me Jenni from the start. But my last name Gurney always warranted that nickname when class was overwhelmed with Jennifers. So Jennifers of the 70s, I feel your pain!

So it is funny to see a fancier name evolution now as a parent – kids’ names and spellings run the gamut in my daughter’s daycare. Hailey, Hayley, Ashton, Ashlee, Brandon, Braedon, you name it, there is a different spelling for it.

I think it’s funny that no matter who we are, we are always trying to differentiate, even with our names. I wonder if Jennifer will ever make the top of the list again as we see the Apples and Cocos and Pilots and Banjos enter the arena. Maybe we will go back to basics as we do in the cycle of life. Hello Jennifers of the world. Reunite! Deep thoughts on a Friday night.

The new Jeneration

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Madison and her sisters

Family Tradition

Usually, families tend to stick together when the going gets tough rather than the opposite. I have just been reminded of what a wonderful family I do have. My sister in law, my husband’s sister, is being sued by her husband’s sister. Who sues family? well unfortunately, that one does. My sister in law and her husband had a get together and the sister fell on the sidewalk on the way in to their condo. She was pregnant and twisted her ankle, but months went by and she got better. Just a few months ago, she decided to press charges. At first the family was like, don’t worry, we’re not suing YOU, we are suing your insurance company. Still, it was wrong. She even promised to give them some of the money…which theydidn’t want. Since the insurance company and condo complex have ruled that the area that she fell on is not under their responsibility, it now goes directly to my sister and brother in law. That makes for an interesting family gathering. So now, no one is speaking to each other and the sister is suing her brother just for money, apparently. Is Springer still on tv?

She is a worthless ho who has three kids by three different men and still lives at home with her poor parents to raise the kids. She had a boob job and is a hussy with no better purpose in life than to create havoc for those around her. I do believe in karma and I do believe she has been tagged. I feel bad for my sister and brother in law. No one should go through this as a family. The parents are backing the sister suing, so all communication has been cut off. It is hard. Why are people assholes? My sis and brother in law have repeatedly supported her, giving her money when she needs it (which she never repays, nor do they expect it anymore), babysitting their niece and nephew and loving them – which is the hardest thing to see – them missing their aunt and uncle and cousin – and lots more)

Which goes back to the old adage – you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family. That just sucks. I am thankful to have a loving and caring family. I hope they won’t sue me – and don’t expect them to. Where to turn if your family wrongs you? Well I did some research. Good luck my sister in law!

Coping with the stress of being sued

The Atlanta Braves are all stars to me.

There are many arguments going around the city of Atlanta today as we all watched (and turned off, and turned back on, and turned off) the heart wrenching 18 inning loss yesterday against the Houston Astros that knocked them out of the playoffs.

I know you could say that they left a lot of men on base and had many chances to come back, and can argue your point until the cows come home. But what is really amazing is that for 14 straight years, Atlanta has proven (against many odds at times) that they are good enough every year to content for the championship.

Many big names and egos have come and gone from this team and I have to give kudos to the coaches and the farm system of this amazing team. There is always next year, but even right now I think they are great. Keep on rocking in the free world, Leo!

Gaucho Gaucho Gauchos!

Does anyone else remember wearing these hideous half pant – half shorts in the late 1970s or is it just me? And I was only 8, so I could blame my parents since I had not hit the formulative fashion years. The gaucho gaucho gaucho ad campaign was what I can recall. Wearing gauchos and my I’m a Pepper Dr. Pepper t-shirt like I was the fashion queen of Chicago. At a tender 8 years old.

And now they have made a comeback. Scary. There are some clothing trends that need to go away and stay away. Forever! This means you legwarmers, as well.

Well now that I’ve vented I feel better. Anyone know where to look up old ad campaigns? Jordache! Nair wears short shorts! Nehi! Nothing comes between me and my calvins!