Gaucho Gaucho Gauchos!

Does anyone else remember wearing these hideous half pant – half shorts in the late 1970s or is it just me? And I was only 8, so I could blame my parents since I had not hit the formulative fashion years. The gaucho gaucho gaucho ad campaign was what I can recall. Wearing gauchos and my I’m a Pepper Dr. Pepper t-shirt like I was the fashion queen of Chicago. At a tender 8 years old.

And now they have made a comeback. Scary. There are some clothing trends that need to go away and stay away. Forever! This means you legwarmers, as well.

Well now that I’ve vented I feel better. Anyone know where to look up old ad campaigns? Jordache! Nair wears short shorts! Nehi! Nothing comes between me and my calvins!


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