Monthly Archives: January 2006

Movies with Great Plot Twists

My husband and I just watched Skeleton Key last night with Kate Hudson. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, it threw me for a loop. I love smart movies that keep you guessing. This is a great movie if that is what you seek. Not a lot of gore or scary scenes, it is more imagination and the setting in New Orleans pre-Katrina and in the tone of Hoo Doo, not Voo Doo although I think they are related. Add it to your next Netflix rental if you enjoyed these types of flicks: The Village, The Sixth Sense, The Others, etc.

I hope New Orleans comes back. I know its soul is there. It’s just a matter of time. Skeleton Key Amazon Reader List: Movies with Great Plot Twists Everyone has a list come to think of it

I love Netflix!

Stop. Hammer Time.

Stop sign seen in Shiloh Road Alpharetta business park. Right under the stop, someone put in nice stenciled lettering “Hammer Time”. I almost drove off the road laughing. I will go back and take a picture for my blog. Thank you to the random person who put that there. I have been giggling about that all week.

Another annoying sighting – at a grocery store, a large woman wearing sweatpants with writing on her backside. Please don’t make me look there. And the writing just forces your eyes to look there. That is a big fashion DON’T that Glamour magazine regularly covers! Glamour magazine Funny street signs

The Chicago Bears have a chance!

It’s a damn good year when the Bears are in the playoffs. The Cubs did okay but now as a Chicago fan I feel better. Although the Red Sox/Cubs game this summer did rule as my sports choice of 2005, I hope the Bears can make some headway.

I won my husband’s office pool for the college bowl games and it was just sweet. I picked Texas to win just like last year and my dream came true. My husband thought I was nuts, but after Auburn was shafted last year for the bowl championship series, it would be a cold day in hell before I root for the number one ranked team.

I say have a playoff! College fans deserve a thrilling and worthy championship series that will silence the critics and allow a true champion to evolve through what every other sport and pro NFL conference will attest to: you need a playoff system.

Word to the motha. Jenni out.

Welcome to the world of the podcast

I got a new 30 GB video iPod for Xmas and it rocks. Besides trying to upload all my CDs and maxing out my laptop, I have half my iPod full and have now discovered podcasts.

Through iTunes, I have discovered some really cool podcasts. For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, they are basically radio shows that you can download and listen to on your iPod at any time.

I have the Rolling Stone interview with Bono on my iPod as well as NPR 7 am news, story of the day and song of the day. I have stuck in the 80s and the ricky gervais show podcasts and they rock. Even They Might Be Giants has one that I am subscribing to and it’s free.

There is a whole world out there and now we can listen on our schedule instead of the programmer’s schedules. When I drive home from work, I listen to the NPR story of the day and in about a 20 minute drive, I hear a really neat story from someone in the world in my own little commuting world.

I have a feeling that life and radio is about to change as we know it, again. I am very excited to be witnessing this empirical shift from media when the programmers direct it to media when the consumer wants it. It is the age of me and it rocks.

Now back to my iPod.