Office affairs in a small business

I work for a small company and it seems there is an office affair going on by a supervisor and a staff member, who are both married. Everyone in the office is aware of the situation and rumors are flying. It’s awkward.

How do people deal with this type of work environment? It’s not healthy or professional. I don’t respect my supervisor. If management is supposed to address personnel problems like this and he IS the management, where does that leave the staff? Just turn the other cheek, I guess.

Workplace romance: love affairs and lawsuits

Dealing With Workplace Affairs And Other Office Dilemmas

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  1. officeconfessions

    Having seen several I think it depends – is the affair an abuse of position?
    Is it affecting the quality of the work produced or creating an uncomfortable atmosphere?
    From my personal experience working closely together particularly in small businesses can make feelings more intense than normal. I think it can be kept quiet but in some ways maybe it is better to be out in the open.

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