Monthly Archives: May 2007

Stereotypes in Commercials

It’s funny. The more we change, the more we stay the same, at least in commercials. I am used to the female as sex object role model in commercials, but what’s interesting is how my husband is offended by the usual dumb husband roles in commercials. The typical male who cannot do work around the house, who has to order pizza and sit drinking beer watching sports. I realize it goes both ways when commercials dumb down American families or at least husbands and wives. Hopefully they will wise up and realize that many of us are intelligent creatures who both work, take care of the family, house and each other. And yes, we do enjoy a cocktail or two, but we are respectful to each other and others.


Someone is Finally Going to Jail

Being a Hilton (and no, no from THAT family which I get asked all the %$#* time), it is about time a certain member of this name should finally go to jail. If it were any other citizen with the amount of citations that this celebutante has, we would all be in jail for a much longer time. I try not to talk about it to give into the media feeding frenzy but I am including a link to the petition that I did sign. It won’t stop her and I’m sure this is the beginning of a very long E True Hollywood story, but at least LA County is finally doing something. You would think they were paid off or something. hee hee. LA Confidential.

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