Peanut free snack ideas for the classroom

My daughter’s birthday is this Friday and I called her daycare and asked about bringing in a treat to celebrate. I was warned that there is a child with a peanut allergy, so no cake or cupcakes were allowed. I was shocked that bakery items even had trace amounts of peanuts but found through research it’s because they are made in a place where other peanut items are also made. This little known fact opened my eyes as I launched an internet search for peanut-free snack ideas for my daughter’s birthday celebration.

Here is a great article for all of us not familiar with peanut allergies and how many foods we don’t even realize have trace amounts of nuts:

If Your Child DOESN’T Have Allergies: Read This!

Food Allergies at School

Here is a list of snack ideas from a school. I can’t imagine what schools are going through now that allergies are at an all-time high.

Peanut free snack suggestions:

My favorite site to check for snacks is Snack Safely, a list of peanut, tree nut and egg free snacks. As always, read the labels and call the company if you have any questions. When in doubt, go without.

I think I have decided on Kroger brand ice cream sandwiches. But I still need to check the label for that specific package as even different factories have different products being made there and could possibly have peanut items.

Wow. I am thankful that so far my kids don’t have a peanut allergy.

So next time you look to buy vanilla ice cream for a party with kids with allergies present, think again. Nuts are found a lot in many ice cream flavors so even the nut free flavors could contain it. Check the label!

UPDATE***3/12/09***Well I have just updated this post and ironically, since this post I have discovered that my now 2 1/2 year old daughter has a peanut and egg allergy.  Be careful out there! Kroger carries Blue Bell chocolate and vanilla ice cream singles that are safe also and a good idea for the classroom. Easy to transport and serve, safe for all the kids. Good luck! My favorite site to check for snacks is Snack Safely, a list of peanut, tree nut and egg free snacks. As always, read the labels and call the company if you have any questions. When in doubt, go without.

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  1. Hi I am glad that i found your blog and it is very helpful to me. My daugther who is 23 months was diagnosed Peanut and Tree Nuts allergy few months ago. I have to educate all family members about Peanut allergy. many of them don’t take it seriously. they just thought I am too paranoid about it. some of them even eating peanut from shell around my daugther. they said she
    doesn’t show any allergy while they were eating. why I have to worry. That is pain for a mother who is trying to protect a daugther.
    Thanks for writing this info and help me to understand more about foods that i need to be careful.

  2. Blue bell ice cream singles in chocolate and vanilla are peanut free and can be found at Kroger.

    Always read the food labels and if you’re not sure, call!

    Other links:

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