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Cheeky Monkey! Seven Year Old Loves Monkeys, Creates Online Store with Monkey Themed Gifts

Cheeky Monkey! Seven Year Old Loves Monkeys, Creates Online Store with Monkey Themed Gifts

My friend’s seven year old daughter loves monkeys and is known to friends and family as the monkeylady. She recently started her own online monkey themed gift store and is saving for college. Check it out – it has the cutest monkey-themed personalized gifts!
“Thank you for visiting my webstore,, which specializes in cute monkey stuff! My name is Michaela but my family and friends call me Monkeylady. I am 7 years old and I LOVE MONKEYS! I thought it would be fun to run my own business and sell the things I love, with help from my mom of course. I pick all of the products for my store and help with photography, product descriptions, personalization, packing and shipping. I promised my Mom that I will save all my profits for college (and a few new monkeys every once in a while). I will be adding more monkey products so be sure to check back soon! You can email me at if you have any questions!”
All Things Monkey! Backpacks, purses, picture frames, jewelry, magnets, plush, room decor, you name it.
I personally recommend the quilted backpack (in Michaela’s words):
“Quilted Backpack with Monkey, one of my favorites. It has a drawstring top and a magnetic snap closure on the flap. My mom will put your name on this bag. Just choose your font and thread color. My favorite thread color for this bag is orange.” It is $26.50 and you can personalize it.

Crayon or chapstick in the dryer? Either way it’s pink.

Well I just witnessed my first dryer debaucle as a mom. My four year old daughter left a pink girls lipstick/chapstick in her pocket and shazam! Everything is pink. Of course, it occurred when I was drying her school uniforms. Aargghhhhhhhhh.

Thank goodness for the internet! I did a quick search, read a forum and a few minutes later ran the dryer to heat/melt the lipstick, then cleaned it away with a damp washcloth and comet.

Here is the awesome web site. Note to self, start checking her pockets!

Lake Lanier Woes

It’s been depressing watching the water recede away from the shores of lake lanier. Our dock is now on dry land and our pontoon boat is parked for a few seasons.

The line of dry docks and boats serve as an eerie reminder of what once was a thriving lake just this summer.

According to the AJC, at the current rate it will take 29 years for the lake to fill to full pool.

The week’s rain continues to minimize the flows out of Lake Lanier, which remains near a record low. Given current rain conditions, it would take 843 days for the lake to reach its summertime full mark of 1,071 feet above sea level.

Billion gallons of readily available water left in Lake Lanier for drinking, sewerage and power generation.

Million gallons being added daily, on average, to Lanier.

Number of years it would take Lanier to fill at this rate

These snapshots, taken at 12:01 a.m. Friday, are based on a two-week average of conditions at Lanier. They account for water stored in the lake’s primary supply pool; water flowing in from rainfall and streams; and water lost through evaporation, withdrawal and downstream releases. The average is calculated by dividing the amount of water remaining by the average amount lost or gained each day. If it rains or less water is released, the number of days remaining will increase. That can happen even though the lake continues to set new lows nearly every day. Under Lanier’s primary pool is a secondary pool; it contains an additional 282.7 billion gallons.

Lake Lanier revealed – photo gallery

Time to Hire a Virtual Marketing Assistant?

Looking for a virtual marketing assistant?

The internet is bridging gaps in the corporate sector like never before. I truly believe that workers will be able to contribute to companies worldwide without the need to provide for relocation coverage.

Great workers and employers are hard to find, so when the internet can help link the two and make a match, it’s a great thing.

Small businesses that cannot yet staff a marketing department need help with their marketing objectives. A virtual marketing assistant can help you ramp up with projects more quickly.

The owner typically does the marketing and usually does not have time to stay on task and on deadline. So marketing usually suffers by being overlooked, or deadlines are missed, which in turn affects new customer acquisition and sales.

Who can benefit? Small businesses and start-ups. VMAs can help with strategic project marketing, presentations, web content, collateral, press releases, advertising, trade shows, lead generation, public relations and more.

Virtual marketing can be a great short-term solution for your business – you have no overhead and no benefits to pay, just an hourly rate. In turn, you gain an experienced marketer who can quickly learn your business from the expert, you, and then plan a plan and attack.

Please visit my site for more information and call for a free Virtual Assistant consultation. What you don’t know can hurt you!

Virtual Assistant Services

I have over twelve years of marketing communications, advertising and public relations experience. I am looking to help small businesses build their local customer business on a project basis. From writing press releases to planning marketing communications initiatives, I can act as an extension of your marketing team.

Farewell, 99X Atlanta

I moved to Atlanta in 1993 after I graduated college and 99X had just begun as the only alternative station in the southeast. It was great. I grew up with the station and enjoyed getting to know the DJ’s like we were old friends.

I’m sorry to see you go. You will be missed. Steve Craig is brilliant and I will miss my favorite 80s lunch hour show.

I have many fond memories of Resurrection Sunday at the Atlanta Beer Garden in Buckhead and many great concerts were brought to Atlanta thanks to them.

Leslie Fram, you have made an impact on radio and as a fan, thank you for all that you have done!

Mayer? A New John’s in Town

John Mayer, yes he’s great and I love his work. But I am more proud of my cousin John Gurney and his band. Here is his Facebook fan page. You can listen to a few songs in the music player on the page.

He won the talent contest at University of Missouri last year and recorded these three tracks in St. Louis as part of the prize.

And a claim to fame of his is that he lives in Brad Pitt’s room at his fraternity house. Love it!

Go John – we are so proud of you and wish we could see you more.

John Gurney is a singer songwriter originally from Chicago IL. He currently attends the University of Missouri. His unique acoustic style blends pop, jazz and country influences all into one laid back sound.

Attention Cancer Survivors in Alpharetta, GA

If you are a cancer survivor and are interested in participating in the 2008 Alpharetta Relay for Life, please contact me. Check out or call Kate at 678-522-3823 for more information.

Cancer Survivors & Caregivers…this is for YOU! 

Relay For Life of Alpharetta

Friday, May 2, 2008

Alpharetta High School

Survivor Activities – Dinner at 6:00 PMSurvivor Lap at 7:00 PM For cancer survivors, each day, month and year is a victory. The American Cancer Society invites all cancer survivors to join our survivors’ celebration and first lap at this year’s Relay For Life. We applaud your courage and strength and want you to join in our community’s effort to take up the fight against cancer.