Lake Lanier Woes

It’s been depressing watching the water recede away from the shores of lake lanier. Our dock is now on dry land and our pontoon boat is parked for a few seasons.

The line of dry docks and boats serve as an eerie reminder of what once was a thriving lake just this summer.

According to the AJC, at the current rate it will take 29 years for the lake to fill to full pool.

The week’s rain continues to minimize the flows out of Lake Lanier, which remains near a record low. Given current rain conditions, it would take 843 days for the lake to reach its summertime full mark of 1,071 feet above sea level.

Billion gallons of readily available water left in Lake Lanier for drinking, sewerage and power generation.

Million gallons being added daily, on average, to Lanier.

Number of years it would take Lanier to fill at this rate

These snapshots, taken at 12:01 a.m. Friday, are based on a two-week average of conditions at Lanier. They account for water stored in the lake’s primary supply pool; water flowing in from rainfall and streams; and water lost through evaporation, withdrawal and downstream releases. The average is calculated by dividing the amount of water remaining by the average amount lost or gained each day. If it rains or less water is released, the number of days remaining will increase. That can happen even though the lake continues to set new lows nearly every day. Under Lanier’s primary pool is a secondary pool; it contains an additional 282.7 billion gallons.

Lake Lanier revealed – photo gallery

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