Time to Hire a Virtual Marketing Assistant?

Looking for a virtual marketing assistant?

The internet is bridging gaps in the corporate sector like never before. I truly believe that workers will be able to contribute to companies worldwide without the need to provide for relocation coverage.

Great workers and employers are hard to find, so when the internet can help link the two and make a match, it’s a great thing.

Small businesses that cannot yet staff a marketing department need help with their marketing objectives. A virtual marketing assistant can help you ramp up with projects more quickly.

The owner typically does the marketing and usually does not have time to stay on task and on deadline. So marketing usually suffers by being overlooked, or deadlines are missed, which in turn affects new customer acquisition and sales.

Who can benefit? Small businesses and start-ups. VMAs can help with strategic project marketing, presentations, web content, collateral, press releases, advertising, trade shows, lead generation, public relations and more.

Virtual marketing can be a great short-term solution for your business – you have no overhead and no benefits to pay, just an hourly rate. In turn, you gain an experienced marketer who can quickly learn your business from the expert, you, and then plan a plan and attack.

Please visit my site for more information and call for a free Virtual Assistant consultation. What you don’t know can hurt you!

Virtual Assistant Services

I have over twelve years of marketing communications, advertising and public relations experience. I am looking to help small businesses build their local customer business on a project basis. From writing press releases to planning marketing communications initiatives, I can act as an extension of your marketing team.

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