More Food Allergy Links

I scheduled an appointment with an allergist and we go next week. It won’t be pleasant doing the skin allergy test, but I need to know if my daughter is allergic to anything else in addition to peanut butter.

I just read on BabyCenter that it is normal to go through emotional stages when your child is diagnosed. I was most surprised by my panic about protecting my daughter and thinking of all the times she could have an attack – at daycare, on vacation, at a restaurant. It definitelly changes your mindset. I will feel better after the allergist appointment too.

I need to educate my husband – he just thinks we don’t need to give her peanut butter. Peanuts are in so many things! And if she had a mild allergy attack, she still could have a serious one in the future.

Here is a great list from someone who posted at BabyCenter:

“Maybe one of these links will help him understand what your dealing with, I think he’s doing like most parents and it’s just in a denial phase. It’s been said that we go through the 5 stages of grief upon diagnosis and I believe it. ” 

here’s another with a ton of links.

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  1. foodintolerance

    Wow , great list thats very nice !

  2. Wow, what a great list of resources! Thanks for sharing.

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