Cross contamination with food allergies is scary.

Well we had our first bought of cross contamination for my daughter’s peanut allergy this weekend. Luckily she just had hives and I quickly gave her benedry. She just had a litle bit of icing on a cupcake from Publix. So no bakery items that we have not made from scratch ourselves. This is the scariest part of her allergy. I am so worried about her at school and when I’m not around to really make sure what she is eating is okay.

Here are some good charts that I put on the fridge for cross contamination and handling a food allergy attack – it’s good for babysitters, etc.

Foods to avoid – peanut allergy:

Food to avoid List:

Allergic reactions instructions sheet – post in your home for babysitters, etc.

Entire page:

Food allergy Chef Restaurant cards:


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  1. Another great teaching tool for cross contamination and “food allergy safety” is Beyond A Peanut” – Food Allergy Awareness Cards. You can check them out at Very helpful for training babysitters and anyone who is looking after your child.

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