Traveling with a peanut allergy

I am preparing to take my daughter on a trip in two weeks on an airplane. I called Delta and Northwest airlines. Northwest does not serve peanuts but their snacks might contain nuts. They will make an announcement at the gate if requested.

I also have to get a doctor’s note to travel with her benedryl and epi-pens. It is my fear that they will be taken in security. I will call the allergist’s office and post what I learn.

I just ordered two peanut allergy books from Amazon and will post about those too once I read them.

Information is power and learning how to manage it all and read labels is the most important thing for newly diagnosed families.

We had a birthday party for our oldest daughter who turned 5 last weekend. I ordered the Publix cupcake cake and made safe cupcakes for my youngest daughter. So that worked out okay as she broke out in hives from tasting a Publix cupcake a few weeks ago.

Small steps!!! Happy Friday.


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  1. You’re doing all the right things! If you need a sample letter for your allergist let me know. And don’t worry about security taking the medication. I’ve traveled many times with up to 6 epipens and haven’t had a problem. As long as they are labeled with your daughter’s prescription and you have the note, you’ll be fine.

  2. Before traveling by plane last summer, I went to the website and printed out all the travel restrictions and exceptions , as well as an 800 number to call if I had trouble at the gate. I had my son’s doctor write a note for the Benadryl, since it’s non-prescription. (His EpiPens had the prescription labels.) At the gate, the security personnel weren’t interested in any of the liquid meds, and we had a lot of them, or my son’s nebulizer, which I hadn’t wanted to check. The only thing they were interested in were his orthotics, which I hadn’t expected at all. They are visibly medical equipment, so I hadn’t gotten a note, but they wiped them down for explosive residue!

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