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Disney bound, food allergies and all.

Well we are almost ready to go. I will issue a full report upon return. We have a reservation at the Rose & Crown in England at Epcot and will be eating in the condo for most of the week. I am worried about family giving my daughter unsafe snacks as I’m still educating them of the importance to read labels. We will see how it goes.

I found some one piece swim suits on sale for my oldest daughter today on clearance for $2.80 each. Score! And they are Hannah Montana and High School Musical suits with hair bands. Woo hoo! Also scored swimsuit coverups for both girls. Is it just me or are some of these girls swim suits too revealing like bikinis? My girls will wear one pieces for many years to come.  Just random thoughts from a pre-vacation panicked mom.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone! Be safe.

Sign that this is a good party.

This is a sign from our friends’ annual Jimmy Buffett party. You gotta love it.

You know you are at a good party when...

You know you are at a good party when...

Marketing tips from the master during the two slowest US vacation weeks

Seth Godin is the master and I strive to become a smarter marketer thanks to him. It is one of the slowest weeks for businesses in the US as people take vacations before ramping back up after Labor Day and the kids go back to school. Here is a great blog entry about what those of us in the office next week should be doing to gain a competitive edge.

Like your hair is on fire

Now my daughter has an egg allergy in addition to peanut.

Here we go. First, the peanut allergy and now a suspected egg allergy. I gave her a bite of real scrambled eggs and she made a face, spit it out and shivered. I watched her for a few minutes and then she developed some small red bumps or hives around her mouth. I gave her benedryl and started to cry. We are just getting used to her peanut allergy and now we have to be careful with eggs. The weird thing is that she eats french toast sticks and they have egg in them. I called the allergist and set up an appointment in September for another skin test. Poor baby. I hate doing it but we have to know and I am going to check for all the rest of the common allergens while we are there.

The nurse said for now, avoid all eggs. I asked her about the frozen french toast sticks and she said that for some foods like frozen, processed french toast sticks, the egg protein is weaker since it is much further away from a pure egg. It might have been cooked out or the processing weakens it. So what does that mean? Well, no bakery items obviously and no eggs. But everything seems to have egg in it! Some breads have egg brushed on the outside! Here goes my paranoia scale – up and away.

I found a good sheet for egg allergies to avoid so we’ll start here. How are you all managing out there allergic moms?

And what about flu shots and other vaccinations with eggs in them? More questions for the doctor I suppose.

Egg Allergy Information

Foods to avoid with egg allergy –  print out for your wallet

More egg allergy info

PR Tips for pitching reporters

I came across this post from Margie Zable Fisher and it’s a great reminder to all of us PR types how to provide pitches that are on-target.

Traveling with Peanut Allergy – Going to Disney

Well our trip to Canada was successful and our daughter was protected thanks to my family’s help. My mom found lots of peanut-free food items and we took mac and cheese when we went out to a restaurant to eat since they could not guarantee that it was peanut-free. We flew on Northwest which does not serve peanuts but their snacks might have peanut in them. We packed plenty of snacks for the kids and had a good trip.

Next we plan our trip to Disney World. They have a great web site that covers food allergies and have staff on hand for questions. I will be posting soon about preparations for dining at Disney as well as packing snacks.

Here’s the link for Disney travel tips for food allergies. 

All Walt Disney World* Resort Table Service Restaurants that accept reservations can accommodate most food allergies and food intolerances (such as gluten or wheat, shellfish, soy, lactose or milk, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, or eggs) if requested at least 72 hours in advance by calling (407) 939-3463*.

Process for making a special dietary request for table service locations:

* Call the Disney’s Dining Reservation Center at 407-WDW-DINE or

(407) 939-3463*.

* Indicate to the Cast Member at Disney’s Dining Reservation

Center your special dietary requests.

* Know that your special dietary request will be noted by the Cast

Member on your reservation.

* Write down the dining location phone number(s) that the Cast

Member provides you, as well as your reservation number and the day and time of your reservation.

* Contact your dining location at least 72 hours in advance to

discuss your special dietary request with the chef, manager or food and beverage representative.

* Please feel welcome to speak to the chef or manager on duty when

you arrive at your dining location.

BRINGING SNACKS INTO PARKS: As an exception to standard policy, guests who have specific food allergies are permitted to bring their own small snack items with them into the theme parks.

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