Now my daughter has an egg allergy in addition to peanut.

Here we go. First, the peanut allergy and now a suspected egg allergy. I gave her a bite of real scrambled eggs and she made a face, spit it out and shivered. I watched her for a few minutes and then she developed some small red bumps or hives around her mouth. I gave her benedryl and started to cry. We are just getting used to her peanut allergy and now we have to be careful with eggs. The weird thing is that she eats french toast sticks and they have egg in them. I called the allergist and set up an appointment in September for another skin test. Poor baby. I hate doing it but we have to know and I am going to check for all the rest of the common allergens while we are there.

The nurse said for now, avoid all eggs. I asked her about the frozen french toast sticks and she said that for some foods like frozen, processed french toast sticks, the egg protein is weaker since it is much further away from a pure egg. It might have been cooked out or the processing weakens it. So what does that mean? Well, no bakery items obviously and no eggs. But everything seems to have egg in it! Some breads have egg brushed on the outside! Here goes my paranoia scale – up and away.

I found a good sheet for egg allergies to avoid so we’ll start here. How are you all managing out there allergic moms?

And what about flu shots and other vaccinations with eggs in them? More questions for the doctor I suppose.

Egg Allergy Information

Foods to avoid with egg allergy –  print out for your wallet

More egg allergy info

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about a possible egg allergy! Have you considered a RAST (blood) test? Sure, having your child go through a blood draw stinks, but you’ll get a real sense of the level of allergy in her blood (not that you would practice a different kind of avoidance) and you can screen for SO many things at once. Who knows, maybe it’s not an egg allergy after all?

  2. Thanks so much for your advice. I will definitely check her RAST score when we go.

  3. Hi there! We’ve been dealing with anaphylactic egg & peanut allergies for a little over a year now. I know it’s the pits! FWIW, some people with egg allergies can tolerate eggs in baked goods. We did a challenge with our daughter back in April to see if she was one of them, but alas, she started to react before she’d had a little less than 1/8 of an egg over a four hour period! I have some great recipes I’d be willing to share (although we’re also dairy & soy allergic too!!) and I have found the parents on to be an amazing source of support. Best of luck and just know that you’re not alone!!

    BTW, we were told (after the fact) that egg & peanut allergies often “go together”…

  4. hi, i ran accorss your web site. love it. i also have the same alergies as your daughter. as an adult i can tell u my experience. i am mid 30’s. i ALWAYS had egg and nuts. then one day last yr i broke out. with this rash on my face and neck and my mouth was very itchy. more days went by the more it got worse. i had been tested in the past and … nothing….went to the dr and he said no egg and no nuts….
    i was like YA RIGHT….i didnt want to believe it. i at first thougth about the egg idea. but nuts?? i ate them always as snacks.
    well i dont know what happened but a few days ago i had egg (ya punish me…i’ve learned my lesson). thing was i was thinking like u. i said i have it on breads and i seem fine? i have them in pancake and im fine? maybe if it is processed its ok as long as its not pure egg.
    well it got to me. first my eye got swollen and shut my mouth became itchy….the next day my eye was black…then my whole face is not red and im itchy all over.
    went to dr today and going back tomorrow. im ready now to start the who EGG FREE AND NUT FREE diet.
    dont give anything partly egg to your baby. i gave it to me and as an adult i felt so yuk.

  5. hi my dauhgters 16 and her allergs dont get better infact now she has asthma a little cold can almost kill her i need help we do have a doctor but his also running out of things to do im desprete can some one help me. sandie.

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