Peanut free snacks and companies who make them

As a result of online research, here are some companies that have peanut-free products. As always, read the labels to be sure.

Dare Foods (even have a no peanut symbol on packaging)


Enjoy Life (has a store locator where you can buy their products)
allergy friendly, free of 8 common food allergens

Another list – again, be careful and read the labels.

Target carries SunButter and I.M. Healthy Soynut Butter and we have replaced our peanut butter with it. It tastes great.

Also, sign up for ingredient notices on the FAAN web site:

Here is a new web site that I have discovered:

Snack Safely is my go-to list and it is updated frequently. Again, always read the label and call if you have questions.

Good luck and I will update as I find them.

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  1. Hi there. I’m sorry for the food allergies. We live in the same area. So I just want to say hello.

  2. Hello back at you!

    I wanted to post another peanut free food – BlueBell ice cream singles in chocolate and vanilla are safe and you can find them at Kroger.

    Always read the food labels and if you don’t see anything, call the 800 number. Companies have to name the 8 most common food allergens but don’t have to say if the food was manufactured in a facililty that processes peanuts, so you still need to check. I wish they had to mention cross-contamination possibilities. We should ask for legislation that makes it mandatory.

    It’s a learning experience and work in progress!

  3. Please list our line of certified peanut/tree nut free pumpkin, sunflower, and flax seeds on your list. Please check out our entire line of seeds, and if you would like we could send you a sample!

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