No Gas in Atlanta

This is crazy. We spent half of our day today worried about getting gas in Atlanta. Here is a neat real time Twitter feed with Atlanta people posting the status of gas stations in the area. NBC Atlanta news is also posting a message board.

Twitter ATLGAS feed (posted on the Find gas in Atlanta
If you Twitter, use #ATLGAS with your tweets about Atlanta gas. 

(What’s Twitter? Go to to set up a free account. Find and follow people with similar interests and post where you see gas with #atlgas! It’s addicting.)

Here is the article explaining how #ATLGAS began on Twitter from its creator, Tessa Horehled, with lots of other gas conservation tips for us in GA and the rest of the US.

11 Alive gas updates

Google maps also has a posting but it’s more outdated – all of these site are only valuable if more people would post gas sightings. So far Twitter is the best source for real time info.

Good luck! I hope we see relief this week.

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  1. am sorry to see the situation is still bad. was there last week for work. Couldn’t find gas in either Perimeter or Midtown, ended up on P’tree Industrial near 285 and found a QT down the street. Thought for a while I was going to just have to abandon the rental and tell Avis to go fetch it themselves!

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