Will the Chicago Cubs Ever Be Ready?

I have been a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan. I played t-ball and started collecting the baseball cards at age 6. I loved Buckner (yes, I know, I was 6), and then I married a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan. 

So when the Red Sox finally ended their “cursed” existence and won two world series, I began to think there was hope for the Cubs. I tried not to pay too much attention after the excellent season they had this year for fear of the expected decline.

Now that they made the playoffs, I allowed myself to get more excited. So much talent. So many hardcore fans. A team’s 100 year centennial. The planets were aligning…

So here I sit as they are 0-2 and down 2-0. I don’t know how this will turn out but I have some hope. I remember when the Red Sox were one out away from being eliminated from the Yankees in 2004. I kept trying to keep my husband’s outlook positive. They can do it! Watch! And then on a dime, the Red Sox luck turned. One play, then the next, until they came back slowly and surely. It was almost like a dream.

I remember when the Red Sox made the final out in 2004 and were World Series Champs. It was a harvest moon that night. My husband quickly stood up in quiet excitement, watched the final out and then said “Now what do I do?” 

His reaction was both a high point and confusing place to be. His team finally won the end all be all after years of struggle. After years of hurting, my husband saw his team reach the top. They finally did it. And now twice in the past four years.

Will the Cubs ever be ready for this moment? Will the fans? I think so. Maybe not this year, but soon.

Sigh. At least I’m not alone. I need an Old Style.

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  1. justincresswell

    Oh, Bill Buckner! I was a big Buckner guy when he was a Cub too. Great post. I laughed at the Old Style comment as I spent an hour online looking for a place to buy it. No dealers in New York State.

  2. Maybe next year. I’m a big Red Sox fan so I know how you’re feeling. Of course, I’ve been spoiled lately, but things used to be pretty depressing.

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