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Teacher Gift Ideas for the Holidays and Beyond.

As the holidays approach, I was stuck trying to think of teacher gift ideas for my girls’ kindergarten and daycare teachers.

So I turned to my good friends on Twitter. I love having a sounding board for ideas be it marketing related or for holiday gift ideas. Feedback so far – candy/food, scarf/hat, handmade items from child like jewelry or card.

Last year I got Target gift cards so they could either buy for themselves or for the classroom.

Once idea I like from the web sites below is a gift basket filled with school supplies/books for the class. There is also an appreciative wall poster about teaching that a teacher can put on the wall in the classroom.

I guess the underlying message is that teachers like being appreciated and we can show them through our children’s eyes in simple, inexpensive ways.

 I checked Google search as well and found a neat ecofriendly gift site as my daughter’s kindergarten teacher is very earth friendly.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Teachers and Caregivers

Teacher Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

Celebrate Teachers with Thoughtful Gifts

Teacher Gifts: The Official Holiday Shopping Thread for teacher gifts!

The Give List – Giving Back on a Budget

I was wondering about all of the charities that exist and how people go about choosing which ones to support and what they can do, especially on a tight budget. It’s the holiday season, a season for giving in more ways than one.

Little things count. For example, we make cookies for our local firefighters and drop off a toy for Toys for Tots. These are easy things anyone can do.

Here is a great blog that illustrates many ways how we can give without impacting our wallets. Obviously, volunteering and giving your time is also needed and free, but there are lots of things you can do if you don’t have time to volunteer.

Check out the Give List and give back to those less fortunate.

Times are tight. We know, we know. We’ve all seen the scary headlines. Too many of the scary headlines. And we’re all feeling the pressure in other ways too. But, still, we want to contribute what we can to making the world the better place. The GiveList gives you ideas and inspiration for just that: ways that you contribute without spending or buying. Or maybe giving while buying and spending a little less than usual.

Buh-Bye Bratz Dolls!

I found this fascinating quote today:

Today, however, I’m sending my completely sarcastic and uncaring “buh-bye” to the Bratz dolls. A California judge has ordered the company that makes them to stop doing so and to begin removing existing inventory from store shelves after the holiday shopping season. Why not sooner?Dec 2008

Parents of girls should read the whole article. Victory and buh-bye.

PR Tip: Lose the Wire and Use PitchEngine for Social Media Releases

Until this year, I followed the basic PR process when issuing a news release. Write a news release, upload to wire service, spend hundreds of dollars and hope it gets picked up.  Not a very solid or results-oriented process. Of course, you have to build media relationships and target the news with the people who cover the category. That is another topic entirely.

A few weeks ago I discovered PitchEngine through Twitter. (These two services are my favorite new social media tools for 2008, by the way.) I read that you could create and issue a social media news release for free. Working for a small company, I will try anything that is free or a low-cost alternative to a pricier and non-proven model.

I have since issued about six releases and I am blown away by how easy they are to create, distribute and measure. You can provide so much more information the way people want to see news – visually with images and videos. Tie-in links to product reviews and case studies. A boilerplate created once for the company is saved for future releases. It is also served up in a neat, clean format that is sure to appeal to corporate brand sticklers.

My first release had over 200 views. I have since used PitchEngine over the other wires and I’m not looking back. I’m going wireless!

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