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What Matters Now – Gain a New Perspective with Seth Godin’s Free eBook

Seth has done it again. His free ebook titled “What Matters Now” puts life in perspective.

It has been a challenging year for us all. The year for me is ending in a much different way than it started – I am unemployed, had a health scare and sued the local government. On the flip side, I am enjoying the time off with my girls, am thankful to be healthy and the lawsuit has settled. Things happen for a reason and when they do, the experiences help you focus on what matters most. I chalk it up to character building.

For me, what matters most is family and friends. Professionally I am passionate about marketing, social media and helping others and I will find a way to fulfill my dreams while maintaining a work-life balance in 2010.

Thanks to Seth and the variety of writers for lifting my spirits and giving me hope for the future. Our future.
What Matters Now