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Social Media Tips for Human Resources

Social media and human resources are an odd duo. Obviously there are many negative reasons on the legal and standards front, but there are many positives as well.

HR professionals need to source, find, and retain great talent for their organizations. They also need to do about 100 other things throughout their days and weeks. Which is why social media can be a valuable addition to HR for recruiting, staffing and employer branding.

I recently wrote a post for Talent titled “Social Media Basics for Human Resources.” Employer branding is a key way to bring talented folks to your company – inbound recruiting, if you will.

Employer branding helps communicate the company, culture and values. It supports the organization’s corporate voice and helps tell the story of the company, giving it a human touch.

Companies need to show why someone would want to work there and that should reflect in the web site, social media sites and throughout all of its touchpoints.

Allergy Friendly Halloween Trunk or Treat in Atlanta on 10/29/11

It is that time of year again. For kids, it is a time to dress up as someone else and reap the benefits of trick or treat. For food allergic parents, it is a time to plan for a safe yet fun Halloween to ensure that our children enjoy the holiday without feeling left out.

Thanks to Food Allergy Kids of Atlanta, the 2011 allergy friendly halloween trunk or treat will help ensure that kids with food allergies have a ball at Halloween.

Food Allergy Kids of Atlanta 
2011 Allergy Friendly Halloween
“Trunk or Safe Treat”
When:  Saturday – October 29th, 2011
Time:  3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
Where:  Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Clinic/Marietta Eye Clinic (Parking Lot)
895 Canton Rd., Marietta, GA  30060
Day of Event Activities:
Food Free Trick or Treating
Most Creative Costume Prize
Most Creative Trunk Prize
Games & Prizes
Fun & Socializing
RSVP by October 26, 2011
 to or by calling 404-229-8243
Volunteers are needed to host trunks and/or to work game stations!

Steve Jobs, A Life and Legacy to Celebrate

Here’s to the crazy ones. Stay hungry, stay foolish. Thanks Steve.

From @smedio – “3 Apples changed the World. 1st one seduced Eve, 2nd fell on Newton and 3rd was offered to the World half bitten by #SteveJobs. R.I.P.”

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking that you have something to lose.” – Steve Jobs