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5 Small Business Website Tips


Your small business website is the hub of your online marketing strategy.

First impressions of a business happen in a few seconds. Be sure that visitors are engaged with these five tips.

  • Who are you? Clearly define who you are with a clean logo and keywords that people might search for your business.
  • Who is your customer? Describe your target audience and how you can help them. Keep it short and sweet.
  • How can we reach you? Social media buttons, phone number, email and address should be readily available on the home page as well as in the footer on every web page.
  • What are you up to? Be sure your events and news postings are current and the navigational panel is simple to use.
  • Tell me more about yourself. Use your About page to add a human element about your business. Tell your story in a clever way and offer why someone would want to do business with you.

These are just a few small business website tips. A website is a work in progress. It should change and evolve just as your business does. Keep it up to date and regularly ask your employees, customers and other audiences for input.

Seven areas of a site draw users’ attention the most, according to a new eye-tracking study. Is your site up to par?

Is Your School Allergy Ready?

Food allergy symptomsIs your school allergy ready? States are in the process of passing epipen bills to stock schools with epipens in case of food allergy or allergy attack. In fact, 25% of allergic reactions happen at school for the first time.

In Georgia, you can schedule a Food Allergy Kids of Atlanta Safe@School presentation, or share the following online resources to help your school prepare for 2012 – Allergy Ready & Allergy Home both offer online courses for school staff.

Allergy Ready – Free, Interactive Online Course on Managing Food Allergies and Anaphylaxis in Schools

Allergy Home – Managing Food Allergies in Schools: What School Staff Needs to Know

Image from Canada Safety Council.

Email Marketing Infographic, Tips and Tricks

Thrust in the shadow of social media, email marketing is still an important part of an integrated marketing strategy.

For marketers, the challenge is communicating to customers and prospects when, where and how they would like to receive information. Email marketing can help businesses build profiles through list segmentation to provide the best possible experience.

An infographic from Mashable shows the best days and times of day to send an email. It also shows  what words are most effective in subject lines as well as those words that are not. Image