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Lake Lanier Woes, Part 3

Grass where the Lake Water Used to Be.
My neighbor heard some rather shocking news today (on Earth Day, oh the irony) regarding the City of Cumming’s plans for routing the Lake Lanier water into town. He met a surveyor in his yard and apparently they are going to go around the lake, through our creek and up through Roger’s yard. The surveyor asked if he had gotten a letter yet. Yikes.
That doesn’t make any sense! That is a lot longer path to go from the current pumphouse to the city. My neighbor said it’s going to be about 40 feet wide taken of his land. Plus all the digging they will have to do to come around the creek and up our way, up his hill and to the street. How many hardwood trees are going to die because of this? What is going on?
He also said that the city manager has been going to Mobile 3x a week. Why does the City of Cumming Manager need to go to the Army Corps headquarters when they will not listen to the Governor of Georgia? What are they hiding?
Anyway, I need to research what our rights are if they come between our yards and the whole eminent domain issue. That means our trees will go in the front right side of our yard and in the back. Beautiful hardwood trees. It’s upsetting to say the least when you move to the lake to live in a natural setting and then hear that the forest on the lake is going to be tore up when there are other options available for the government.
We also wonder if the lake level is being held so they can dig. The lake dropped for the first time in awhile and they released 3x more water than usual. What is going on???? Who does the Army Corps answer to? Where are our checks and balances? The rumors are flying in Forsyth County and it’s not good.
Who can help us, Clark Howard? WSB-TV? The EPA? Greenpeace? Save the Trees? Lake Lanier Association? Someone!

Waiting in Line Etiquette at the UPS Store

I don’t know what topic to file this post under, but it’s just plain wrong what happened to me.

I took my 2 month old to the UPS store this week so we could ship Grandma’s Christmas gift in time to make it for the holiday. I walked up to the register and there was one person in the store other than the employee and she was making copies.

So I am waiting at the register with my infant in a car seat for about two minutes. The woman making copies goes to the other register and the employee waits on her first. Fine, she was already here, no problem. Whatever.

Then it’s my turn. I give him my envelope and he weighs it. Then I see this large, tattooed, white-bearded man appear (no NOT Santa) and he starts complaining loudly how he “might as well go to the $#%& post office”. So the employee gives me my package back and WAITS ON HIM. Then my brain starts going into complete shock and my face starts to contort.

The woman, then leaving the store, stops by to tell me that it’s okay, he was here first, but he just WENT TO KROGER and then came back. As if it would make me feel better. During the busiest shipping week of the year.

Uh, in my book, when you wait in line, you WAIT IN LINE. You don’t leave for another store and keep your spot in line. There is no invisible Georgia line holding law that this jacka— was covered under. And I absolutely cannot believe that the employee started to wait on me and then stopped when the man started bickering and waited on him. Shame on you, UPS store in Cumming GA. I will never go to your establishment again.

I don’t know who to tell about this, Clark Howard or Dane Cook.

Anyway, my two month old fussed less than that tattooed old man. Bah humbug to you old man and employee who waited on him.

You have one bad experience, you tell 30 people. That employee needs to remember this…

Now what do you do? Well, I will tell everyone I know.

Do NOT go here!

The UPS Store 4473
2659 Freedom Pkwy
Cumming, GA 30041 USA
770 886-7774