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Twilight News: Listen to A-Rated New Moon Soundtrack on MySpace Free

We still have to wait 36 days for the new Twilight movie New Moon. If you seek out all things Twilight, you can now listen to the new soundtrack on their Twilight MySpace page right now for free. Entertainment Weekly gave New Moon soundtrack an A rating and it includes some top artists like Death Cab for Cutie, Thom York, Muse, OK Go and others.

There is also a great New Moon trailer on the MySpace page and yes, there is an app for that. There is a Twilight Tracker iPhone/iPod Touch app available on the site.

What are you waiting for? Hello Edward!

John Hughes – A Voice and Soundtrack for a Generation

I was saddened when I heard that John Hughes had died.

I couldn’t imagine my childhood without John Hughes’ movies and music. From the groundbreaking Mr. Mom to the teen angst comedies 16 Candles, Pretty in Pink and Breakfast Club. I crushed on Jake Ryan, identified with Samantha Baker and went to school with a few Farmer Teds. I remember embracing Ferris Bueller’s mantra “leisure rules” and learning to take life not so seriously. I learned about high school, dating, voodoo economics (hee), society and family life through John Hughes’ eyes.

Not only did John Hughes make great movies, he provided original soundtracks with fresh new music when we were still being force-fed a limited number of songs on rotation at local radio stations.

Hughes’ movies set the precedent for future teen comedies and TV shows like 90210. He changed our culture and gave teens a voice. He captured all of the dizzying emotions that teens experience yet kept it real. Music and fashion industries were also impacted by this teen uprising.

I went shopping with friends after the movies to buy the latest Samantha hat, vintage dress and funky jewelry. I wanted to drive a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia after I saw Pretty in Pink.

Here are some great links regarding the movies and music of John Hughes. I am so thankful that he shared his stories with us and that they live on.

John Hughes: The Soundtrack to a Generation – LA Times blog

5 Movies that John Hughes will be Remembered For – Jezebel

John Hughes Movies: A Decade of Fashion Trends – Open Fashion Blog

Sincerely, John Hughes We’ll Know When We Get There – a fan becomes a pen pal of John Hughes and shares her experience

Another Touching John Hughes Story – Defamer – sarcastic yet the essay referenced is endearing – the blogger lived next door to the 16 Candles house during filming in Chicago.

The Neverland Club – Molly Ringwald’s Op-Ed in the New York Times about John Hughes.

Real Men Can’t Hold A Match to Jake Ryan of ‘Sixteen Candles’ – Washington Post piece that I sent to all of my girlfriends (half of which have sons named Jake or Ryan. Hmmm.)

You know you are getting older when…

You watch the Disney Games and are reminded of the original Battle of the Network stars!

You watch an old Donny & Marie show and are taken back to the days of 3 networks and only a handful of channels.

You remember pong as the breakthrough video game that started it all.

You lived life without a cell phone, the internet and a computer until your 20s.

You hear 80s alternative songs on the easy listening radio station.

Yikes! 🙂

Some fun links:

You Might Be a Child of the 80s

Are you a child of the 80s quiz

Child of the 80s

Cool 80s stuff

Great Child of the 70s/80s/90s site

The Jonas Brothers

I am interested to get the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine and read their story. They are everywhere right now and are another product of the Disney child marketing machine. As much as my daughter and I love their music, the mom in me wonders if all this success while they are kids will damage their chance at a normal life. They hit the charts two years ago, so they have been doing this for a few years. The hours they have been putting in at this must be unreal.

Their family seems pretty tight which is good. We’ll see how their rollercoaster ride goes.

Jonas Brothers: Sons of a Preacher Man – Rolling Stone magazine
With a hit tour and a new record, the squeaky-clean teen act wants to leap from Disney phenomenon to one of the biggest bands in America.

Camp Rock!

My daughter and I enjoyed the new Disney movie Camp Rock. She is all about the Jonas Brothers and the songs are really good from the movie. Here she is rocking out with her Barbie guitar. Rock star!
By the way, the Barbie guitar is most excellent. Thanks Grandma!

Future Camp Rock Student

Future Camp Rock Student

80s Music in Commercials

It is disturbing to see some of my favorite songs from the 80s infiltrating the tv commercial landscape.

The The has sold out to M&Ms which I never thought that I would see. The Cure was featured in a polaroid ad a few years ago, but there are many popping up now.

Our House for Maxwell House?
Don’t You Want Me for Chips Ahoy?

This is getting ridiculous.

Here is a list of songs from the 80s that have been “butchered” by tv commercials:

Songs from the Eighties That Have Been In Commercials, Index

Well, it was bound to happen, and it has been happening now for a while, Commercials bleeding the memory of the eighties, for music. The first one I remember is “Like A Rock” and then “Born in the USA.” Now it’s food items. What’s next? I’d love to hear your recomendations.

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