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Steve Jobs, A Life and Legacy to Celebrate

Here’s to the crazy ones. Stay hungry, stay foolish. Thanks Steve.

From @smedio – “3 Apples changed the World. 1st one seduced Eve, 2nd fell on Newton and 3rd was offered to the World half bitten by #SteveJobs. R.I.P.”

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking that you have something to lose.” – Steve Jobs

Project Assurance and All Things Enterprise 2.0

I find it interesting that when it comes to projects, the reason that many fail is because of people, not the tools or the process.

Rob Prinzo, an ERP software implementation expert, has a new white paper out and talks about achieving technology project management success through project assurance and collaborative intervention.

Here is also an interesting video that I found from Howard Sewell for enterprise IT marketers.  Geoffrey Moore on Enterprise 2.0 (must see video for all those marketing to enterprise IT)


Job Search Tips in a Down Economy

It is a tough market out there. How will you stand out from the high numbers of job applicants? Find a way – differentiate. Here is what one smart fellow did to get attention.

Here are some job search and resume writing tips and statistics from the GADOL:

How people are finding their jobs:

Internet search – 3% jobs found here
Company web sites – 8% (and rising)
Newspapers – 5%
Staffing agencies, recruiters, libraries, churches, etc. – 15%
GDOL – 1%
Networking – 80% of jobs filled are NEVER advertised. (Wow.)

So where should you spend most of your time on a job search?

Resume Writing

Write for the HR Manager
– 9 out of 10 resumes don’t pass the first screener
– Put specific job at the top of the resume – customize each one
– Include keywords (industry, skills, qualifications, attitude)

Recommended books:

  1. 101 Best Resumes to Sell Yourself
  2. 2500 Keywords to Get you Hired
  3. e-Resumes – The Best Way to Work the Internet

Survey – HR Managers look for

  • Job skills – 15%
  • Teamwork – 20%
  • Attitude – 65%

Resume Tips

  • Don’t use improper email address for contact information (hotmama at
  • Bold number and email address
  • Customize title of resume to job you are applying for at top center of page just under contact information
  • Just list jobs in the last 10-15 years unless it’s relevant to the job you apply for
  • Don’t put your year of graduation

Job search and other tips: – aggregate job search engine (use different keywords for job titles)
11 Alive job search
Order 250 free business cards from VistaPrint and just pay shipping.
Network with everyone you are in contact with.
Write thank you cards – get a pack at the Dollar Store.
Get a memory stick and keep resume and work samples on it.

Other sites I have found while searching: – list resume free, show full profile, get text messages when company looks at your listing – list resume and portfolio, share through social media
Linkedin – online resume and networking site
Twitter search – search for jobs using keywords like “sales manager” on Twitter
Social mention – social media search engine – search sites for jobs and set up alerts

See my original job search post here – Laid off? Job looking shaky? Now what do you do? 5 Tips to Build Your Network Right Now.


Paid Search Partners, a Pay Per Click Consultancy, Seeks Search Marketing Questions for Radio Show

Paid Search Partners, a new search engine marketing consultancy, is collecting marketers’ PPC questions for their upcoming guest spot on Gravity Free Radio in Atlanta.

Looking for Google Adwords advice? Need strategic insight on your overall SEM program? Paid Search Partners will answer your questions and give expert counsel for businesses working on their own or with agencies to manage their paid search programs. Submit your paid search questions on the Paid Search Partners web site.

Paid Search Partners also offers a free ebook at their web site titled the “7 Sins of Paid Search Marketing”. Check it out!

Creative and Educational Web Sites for Kids

I haven’t blogged in awhile and have been looking for inspiration. This is one post that I will be adding to as I find creative web sites for kids. My girls are 6 and 3 and they love playing on the computer. I am also following lots of interested technology teachers on Twitter (#edtech hashtag) and will share what they publish. Feel free to comment and add your favorites.

Creative Sites ages 5 – 12  –  draw animals : ages 8 – 13 –  design and build games and challenge friends – all ages – create comic strips – ages 8 and up –  create music,movies,video games – all ages – compose music and record rhythms with pots & pans etc

Learning Sites

Enchanted Learning – K-5 – produces children’s educational web sites which are designed to capture the imagination while maximizing creativity, learning, and enjoyment.

ABC Teach – K-5 – 5,000+ free printables and worksheets

Starfall – K – 5 – learn to read with phonics

ABCya! – K – 5 – kids educational computer games and activities

100 free web tools for elementary teachers – K – 5 – a listing of some of the best sites for elementary teachers and students online, plus a few tools to help you keep everything together.

Kevin Honeycutt – Incredible treasure of web 2.0 resources on @kevinhoneycutt ‘s website – click on Cool Tools


Google Continues World Domination, Introduces Operating System

Google announced a new Google Chrome OS, an open source lightweight operating system initially designed for netbooks “for people who live on the web.”

Google continues to expand its product offering and it is exciting to see what else they have in store for us people who live on the web. Google seems truly invested in bringing consumers solutions that work within our realm instead of forcing rigid costly solutions (and problems) into our computing world.

Warning: Microsoft Privacy Center is a Virus

The other day my mom called me at work for some computer help. I work at a software company as a marketing and PR manager. This also means that I am my parents’ help desk by association. I know just enough about technology to be dangerous.

So mom calls and says that MS privacy center is running on her computer and the voice of a British woman is talking in the background. So while she was on the phone, I searched MS Privacy Center and discovered that it was a rogue virus, malware to be exact. And it’s not pretty.

It took over her computer by autorunning and scanning her computer and she could not do anything else. It also prompts for you to buy the software and enter credit or debit card payment. DO NOT DO THIS.

She hit control-alt-delete and was able to go to the task manager. From there, we were able to disable the .exe file under the processes tab and then I sent her an email to download the malware remover software. This took about a half day but was worth helping my mom out. Here are instructions if this happens to you.

If you see this or if it happens on your system, follow these steps:

Disable the exe file in the Processes tab of Task Manager (filename: pc.exe)

Download this link and run the malware remover software: Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware Download Link

Here is another explanation to remove the virus.

Be careful out there!