PR sites and clips

Since I went to school for marketing and have been learning PR as part of my job, I rely on many of the industry experts and try to read as much as I can about all things PR. Here are some of my favorite sources for great information.

As for tips for contacting journalists, use common sense. Don’t send attachments, keep a pitch short and sweet, don’t call unless asked to and be sure that you know what beat the journalist covers!

Here’s a funny and helpful article regarding contacting journalists:

Don’t be a flack: Tips for PR workers from the journalists who hate them

PR News & Resources
Bill Stoller’s
Holmes Report
O’Dwyer’s Public Relations Daily
Online Public Relations
The Publicity Hound

And the best new resource for journalist queries, (because everyone is an expert at something):
Help a Reporter – HARO –

Some of my PR work:

A Match Made in Heaven – PLACE Ministries Helps to Build More Effective Church Ministries, Happier Staff and Volunteers – wrote this press release for client. PLACE Ministries helps pastors, church members, lay leaders and others realize their ideal PLACE of ministry in life and in the local church.

Meltdown Marketing – MarketingProfs wrote about my blog post regarding 5 PR tips for small businesses in a recession. My article also was picked up by the 60 Second Marketer.

The Minivan Wars: Moms Who Love Their Minivans Speak Up – I’m a mom and I have a minivan and love it! I got quoted in this article thanks to HARO (Help A Reporter Out).

Earth Day: Big Changes Serve A Larger Purpose – Quoted in an AJC Earth Day cover story featuring tips for going green from local Atlanta residents. Thanks also to HARO.

Homeowners Stumped: Wrong Trees Cut Down – Forsyth County News. Unfortunately our hardwood trees were illegally cut down in our front yard and FCN covered the story.

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