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B2B Marketing – The State of its Union

Michael Brenner recently posted The State of the Union in B2B Marketing that there has been a fundamental shift in B2B marketing. I agree that the old way of doing things (cold calls, email spam, short term thinking) are no longer relevant in gaining customers. Some companies are marketing the same way they did a decade ago, which is alarming.

The landscape has changed and customers are now finding products and solutions on their own, online and through word of mouth recommendations from their peers. Companies need to examine the buying process for their prospects and be sure that they offer relevant, helpful information along the way that will lead the future customer to them.

The roles have reversed with buyer and seller and some old school companies will diminish unless they make a change. The internet has created an intimate community in which people worldwide can converse and exchange ideas and information. Companies that are not taking part in this community will simply not be around in the next decade.


Paid Search Partners, a Pay Per Click Consultancy, Seeks Search Marketing Questions for Radio Show

Paid Search Partners, a new search engine marketing consultancy, is collecting marketers’ PPC questions for their upcoming guest spot on Gravity Free Radio in Atlanta.

Looking for Google Adwords advice? Need strategic insight on your overall SEM program? Paid Search Partners will answer your questions and give expert counsel for businesses working on their own or with agencies to manage their paid search programs. Submit your paid search questions on the Paid Search Partners web site.

Paid Search Partners also offers a free ebook at their web site titled the “7 Sins of Paid Search Marketing”. Check it out!