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Best Strategies for Using Social Media at Events

Someone recently posted this question on Linkedin today. I thought that I would share my response and some helpful industry links.

Think of social media as an extension of your networking – you plan to meet people in person at the event, but there are many people interested in the event who cannot attend. Part of the appeal of social media is the knowledge sharing and the personal/professional development involved. You will meet people on and offline and everyone benefits with new resources, contacts and knowledge.

Preparing for the event with your network should be as easy and regimented as packing your luggage. Let people know you are going, discover who else will be there, share information about the event and reap the rewards of community.

Here are some tips as well as some relevant industry links.

  1. Prepare for the event by creating a Twitter list of people that will be attending.
  2. Use Tripit and Foursquare on your trip to find fellow colleagues.
  3. Create an RSS feed with the hashtag of the event to find and follow people attending.
  4. Look for tweetups through the event hashtag and post messages to meet up on other social media sites/forums like Ning if there is an association or other type of group involved.
  5. Blog summaries of the sessions that you attend for people who aren’t able to make the event.
  6. Create an event in Linkedin to alert others about it.
  7. If you are presenting, be sure to share your presentation in Slideshare and tag with keywords about the event.
  8. Link your blog, Tripit and Slideshare to Linkedin so updates are automated.
  9. Bring a flip video or camera and document your trip for a blog entry.
  10. Make a badge with your photo and social media contact info. (link below)
  11. Create business cards with your social media contact information to hand out at the event.

For more info about preparing for an event, check out Chris Brogan’s blog post – 27 Things to Do Before a Conference. (link below)

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