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Email Marketing Infographic, Tips and Tricks

Thrust in the shadow of social media, email marketing is still an important part of an integrated marketing strategy.

For marketers, the challenge is communicating to customers and prospects when, where and how they would like to receive information. Email marketing can help businesses build profiles through list segmentation to provide the best possible experience.

An infographic from Mashable shows the best days and times of day to send an email. It also shows  what words are most effective in subject lines as well as those words that are not. Image

Email Marketing – Planning Your 2010 Calendar Around Holidays

It is that time of year when the holidays approach and businesses plan their marketing for the final quarter of the year as well as next year. In addition to keeping an editorial content calendar, it is important to be aware of holidays and how your email campaigns can be impacted. Common travel days are also noted giving you extra insurance that you are sending your email campaigns on optimal days.

Prospects to Go puts together a wonderful annual email marketing calendar and notes dates to avoid email marketing such as government, religious and secular holidays.

Use a calendar like this one with your editorial calendar to plan out your 2010 email marketing.

When building your editorial calendar, keep a tickler file of newsletter ideas and research as you come across it. You can even use Delicious bookmarks and tag them “newsletter” for easy reference. Then when it’s time to write the latest newsletter issue, you have resources at your fingertips.