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I’m 37 years old and I use Facebook.

It seemed crazy. I thought FaceBook was for college kids so I waited awhile before investigating. As part of my social media self-education, I joined Facebook this year.

I thought that FB was for college kids and that MySpace was for teenagers. Well now it looks as if the GenXers have found a place to have a reunion online. Yes a lot of FB is silly – I have about 126 notifications, of which I have no idea what a poke is, but I just like to see what everyone is up to and to have conversations. It has been cool to reunite with long lost friends from high school and college and see what they are up to in their day to day lives. I have my 20 year high school reunion next year and instead of awkward conversation, I will have lots of questions based on what I am learning about friends beforehand. I will ask about their kids and where they live and we’ll share more on a personal level.

It’s amazing that didn’t grow into FB – they really missed a great opportunity. And now companies are finding ways to market to fans through FB. PR people are pitching journalists through FB. Incoming college freshman are meeting each other before getting to college. One woman found her son she gave up for adoption through FB! The possibilities are endless.

I found this article regarding GenX on Facebook. It is an interesting study of GenX and I feel like she knows me personally!
37 years old and on Facebook? It’s a GenX thing.’s-a-genx-thing