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How I Protected My Egg Allergic Daughter and Still Gave Her the Flu Shot

I wanted to share my experience of getting my two year old her flu shot yesterday morning. She has an egg and peanut allergy. Flu shots have egg in them, so if your child has an egg food allergy, please go to the allergist and let them handle the immunization.

It is up to the parent whether to give their child a flu shot. If you decide to get one, it is not recommended getting one at the pediatrician’s office. The Allergist can safely test and administer the flu shot in the office. They do a series of skin tests and then low-level shots and are equipped to treat the child in the event they have a serious allergic reaction.

First, they put a drop on her arm and then lightly scratched it and we waited 15 min. They measure for reaction – it looks like a mosquito bite if there is one. She had one for egg but not for the flu shot.

Then they tested it just under her skin and we waited 15 min. She did have a reaction the second time, (mosquito bite looking bump) so we had to do the test shot in her leg, wait 15 minutes each time for reaction. She did not react each time, but it was hard going through with her. Luckily we went through all 6 rounds with no reaction and each dose gives a little bit more of the flu shot until she has had enough to protect her. Her Doctor said she was finished and off we went.

Even though it was difficult, I would still do it again if it means protecting my child from a more threatening flu. 

Tip – bring lots of snacks, toys, coloring items and reading materials because we were there about 3 1/2 hours.

Always research, always ask questions to your doctors, the nurses, you name it. You are the number one person on your family’s health team!