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Atlanta Drought – Lake Lanier Water Control Update, Deadline for Feedback Extended to Nov. 21

Attention Lake Lanier Fans,

You have until November 21 to submit your comments to the Corps on the rewrite of their Water Control Plan.

If you were unable to attend the Corps’ Scoping Meeting in Gainesville on October 29, you may submit your comments on the Water Control Manual Update and Environmental Impact Statement / Chattahoochee – Flint River Basin on the Corps’ Web site until November 21, 2008. 

Please submit a form online, or send a letter to their address: 

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District 
107 Saint Francis Street, Suite 1403 
Mobile, AL 36602-9986

-During the rainy season, the Corps should allow Lake Lanier to reach full pool no later than June 1;
-Lake Lanier should not be drawn down for mussels and other endangered species in the Apalachicola River; 
-Management triggers must be in place for Lake Lanier withdrawals during times of drought;
-Raise Lake Lanier’s full pool from 1071 ft above sea level to 1073 ft, thereby adding an additional 26 billion gallons of water to the lake.

Lake Lanier drought 15 feet below full pool