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Moms who Tweet. Sweet.

I just discovered Twitter a few weeks ago on my journey of web 2.0 and social media self-education. At first I was like, WTF? But now that I have found interesting people to follow, it is addicting! I follow PR and marketing industry leaders, social media pros, local atlanta people, journalists and media, moms, you name it!

This week I discovered and joined this communitiy as well. It is for moms who Twitter to come together and share ideas, give advice and support each other in our daily battles to balance work, family, coupletime and life in general.

All of this is a bit overwhelming and most of my friends (and our IT guys at work) don’t yet know about Twitter. So I feel like I’m in on this cool secre. There is this whole twitterverse out there waiting for you to discover it. Sign up for free and join the conversation! Follow people based on your hobbies, industry, location, sports teams, the list goes on.

Twitter on!

Twitter – microblogging site – just answer “what are you doing?”

Twhirl – the tool I use to follow tweets, search posts and find and follow people.

Twittermoms Shows Why Twitter Needs Groups – TechCrunch article

Twittermoms – Group of twittering moms