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With Birds I Share This Lonely View

Remember when you heard a song on the radio and sang what you thought the lyrics were? I have made many a singing faux pas with my pals – from Guns N Roses “take me down to the very last city” (paradise city) to Billy Idol “I supply the fish.” (eyes without a face)

Thank goodness there are now lyrical web sites available to save you from embarrassment and a future of years of teasing. Here are some good ones to reference. I am still trying to learn Green Day’s Holiday. I love it but I can’t figure out the words! Good luck and happy singing.

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Blinded by the Lyrics

Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy and other misheard lyrics

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Planet Pluto

Poor Pluto. I grew up with 9 planets in my solar system and now they decide to change that, among other things. I will fight this! When my daughter has to make a shoebox diorama of the planets at school, this family is including Pluto! Stop the madness!!! How many schoolbooks have to be changed now? Calling Pluto a dwarf planet is like demoting it. It’s just wrong.

Astronomers: Pluto just a dwarf

Pluto, and ya don’t stop