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Great October Movies to Watch

I just watched my annual viewing of Donnie Darko. It’s an awesome, dark and brilliant movie to watch in October. The soundtrack is also an excellent mix of dark alternative 80s music with the movie being set in 1988. Jake Gyllenhaal is at his best and it’s a great way to get into the Halloween spirit.

What’s it about, you say? Watch it and tell me. There are many theories out there. There are also some cool web sites analyzing the movie. Check it out.

Official Donnie Darko web site

Fanlisting for Donnie Darko

Cellar Door

Other great October movies (besides the classics – these are newer ones)
The Butterfly Effect – director’s cut ONLY
The Grudge
The Ring
The Skeleton Key

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Flip This House!

I have discovered this show and it’s pretty interesting to watch.

I also have a client who buys/sells Atlanta wholesale residential investment properties that people invest in or flip, and this industry is booming.

But I still think it takes money to make money. People need to be careful when getting into residential real estate investing. Do your homework, get good business references and have fun. Good luck!

Flip This Show on A&E

Atlanta Investing