Monthly Archives: September 2011

LinkedIn Quick Tip

A quick LinkedIn tip that I am surprised many people don’t use – when sending a request to connect, add a personal note. Even if you don’t personally know the person, telling them that you read their blog or follow them on Twitter and find their content useful will improve your chances of connecting.

Quick Small Business PR Tip for Building Local Visibility

Small businesses can struggle with public relations, especially if the owner also handles the sales and marketing functions of the company. Here is a quick PR tip for businesses looking to build local publicity.

Find local AOL Patch sites for your city. Sign up for the newsletter and get active on the site. Add your events, if applicable. Comment on stories. Reach out to the local editor and offer to write a column on your area of expertise, if it relates to local readers.

Have any other neighborhood publications? Do the same with them. Build a local media list. Create a relationship and watch it bloom!