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You know you are getting older when…

You watch the Disney Games and are reminded of the original Battle of the Network stars!

You watch an old Donny & Marie show and are taken back to the days of 3 networks and only a handful of channels.

You remember pong as the breakthrough video game that started it all.

You lived life without a cell phone, the internet and a computer until your 20s.

You hear 80s alternative songs on the easy listening radio station.

Yikes! 🙂

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The Jonas Brothers

I am interested to get the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine and read their story. They are everywhere right now and are another product of the Disney child marketing machine. As much as my daughter and I love their music, the mom in me wonders if all this success while they are kids will damage their chance at a normal life. They hit the charts two years ago, so they have been doing this for a few years. The hours they have been putting in at this must be unreal.

Their family seems pretty tight which is good. We’ll see how their rollercoaster ride goes.

Jonas Brothers: Sons of a Preacher Man – Rolling Stone magazine
With a hit tour and a new record, the squeaky-clean teen act wants to leap from Disney phenomenon to one of the biggest bands in America.

Traveling with food allergies pt. 2

We are off to Canada next weekend to see my Grandma. My parents are already there and have been on the nut-free food hunt for us. They found bread and Quaker has six new granola bars that are nut-free and made in a nut-free plant in Canada. It seems that Canada is ahead of the game in many aspects of being aware of food allergies and accommodating people.

I am still afraid of flying with her allergy and the snacks on the plane. We are flying Northwest Airlines and they don’t serve peanuts, but the snacks they do serve might have nut in them, so who knows. They will make an announcement at the gate if you ask when you check in as well.

I am still afraid of going to restaurants on our trip. I don’t like confrontation and it is my fear that I will bring up my daughter’s peanut allergy and they will say everything is fine and then there will be cross contamination and she’ll have a reaction. I have restaurant cards that I printed out and hopefully people will be understanding.

I am a new fan of Sunbutter. It does taste just like peanut butter and my older daughter loves it. My allergic one doesn’t like it but that is okay since I don’t want her to get used to it and then accidentally have pb somewhere else when she gets older. She might associate it with her initial reaction which was from pb.

I contacted Disney for our trip in September. They are great. They have an entire division for special diets. They recommend that you make reservations in advance. Then about 2-3 days before, call the restaurant and remind them about your food allergy. Then when you get to the restaurant, talk to the manager and chef and they will prepare a special safe meal for your child. I have read great things about them. Here is one families’ experience with it. I will blog about it after we go.

I bought two books – the Peanut Allergy Handbook which is a small book that you can put with your epi-pen and benedryl. It has pages to put medic-alert info and details on yoru child as well as helpful advice to deal with the allergy and if there is a reaction, what to do. It is also good to give caregivers. I also bought the Peanut Allergy Answer book. I will start reading it this weekend. They are both available on Amazon.

As always, be vigilant and educate everyone! We are in this together. It really does take a village.

Traveling with a peanut allergy

I am preparing to take my daughter on a trip in two weeks on an airplane. I called Delta and Northwest airlines. Northwest does not serve peanuts but their snacks might contain nuts. They will make an announcement at the gate if requested.

I also have to get a doctor’s note to travel with her benedryl and epi-pens. It is my fear that they will be taken in security. I will call the allergist’s office and post what I learn.

I just ordered two peanut allergy books from Amazon and will post about those too once I read them.

Information is power and learning how to manage it all and read labels is the most important thing for newly diagnosed families.

We had a birthday party for our oldest daughter who turned 5 last weekend. I ordered the Publix cupcake cake and made safe cupcakes for my youngest daughter. So that worked out okay as she broke out in hives from tasting a Publix cupcake a few weeks ago.

Small steps!!! Happy Friday.

My oldest turned five today.

I am a proud parent today. My oldest daughter turned 5. It might not seem like a milestone, and I surprised myself how much it turned out to be for all of us. She graduated pre-k in May and is starting kindergarten next month. She has grown up so much and is so sweet to her younger sister. We are so fortunate to have her in our life. She had her party with her friends yesterday. We rented a bounce house and had old fashioned stuff at our house like sidewalk chalk on the driveway, playing in her room with her princess stuff, a candy and toy stuffed pinata and a celebratory cake. The parents sat in lawn chairs on the driveway and we had cornhole set up and a ring toss game for the kids. It was almost like I remember it as a kid. She wanted to see her baby album today. That is when it made me feel like it was a milestone. For us, but also for her. She has come a long way. She wanted to see how far, and we were so pleasantly surprised when at the end of the photo album, we all had a group hug. Life doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂

Camp Rock!

My daughter and I enjoyed the new Disney movie Camp Rock. She is all about the Jonas Brothers and the songs are really good from the movie. Here she is rocking out with her Barbie guitar. Rock star!
By the way, the Barbie guitar is most excellent. Thanks Grandma!

Future Camp Rock Student

Future Camp Rock Student