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Swiper, witches and crocagators, oh my!

My 3 year old daughter is having bad dreams just like I used to. I worry about it but we filter her television viewing to preschool shows and try to turn off the tv a lot. I know we read stories with bad people and I guess it’s just going to happen. I am trying to talk about it more with her so it won’t seem as scary. Here is a good article about nightmares and preschoolers on babycenter, my bible.

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‘The Office’ As a Training Tool

I started watching “The Office” a few months ago on maternity leave. Previously, it was too painful to watch as it reminded me of bad managers and unhealthy workplaces that I have experienced as a worker bee. Now I have been able to get past the pain and laugh. And laugh and laugh.

Here are some interesting insights into “The Office” and how it pertains to real life management and training in the workplace. Worker bees unite! Managers, please read!

NPR Business
‘The Office’ as Management Training Tool
Morning Edition, October 25, 2006 · The dysfunctional workplace portrayed in the TV show The Office rings true to many viewers. It also provides a roadmap of how not to manage a workplace.

Must See TV: Lessons from NBC’s “The Office”
December 01, 2006
What can “The Office” teach you about managing a sales force? Plenty.
By Rebecca Aronauer

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